Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Meine ersten Perlenohrringe - My first beaded earrings

Diese Ohrringe habe ich noch letzten Sonntag passend zur Valentinstagskette gemacht. Vielleicht schwer zu glauben, aber sie sind wirklich meine erste geperlten Ohrringe.

These earrings I have created last Sunday to go with the St Valentines necklace. Maybe hard to believe but they are my first beaded earrings.


  1. Hi! It's really hard to believe that these are your first beaded earrings because your beadwork is advanced or maybe it looks advanced to me as I'm just starting beadweaving. I love the tubes you are creating for a bangle. I guess I'll come back to see the finished bracelet. Happy creations1

  2. Oh well, since I started off with animals and ornaments rather than jewelry, making earrings just didn't seem to appeal to me. I just thought I give it a try :)